La pandémie du Covid-19 en Italie

La pandémie du Covid-19 en Italie

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Paris Advanced Research Center (PARC) cordially invites you to an online panel on the Social, Economic, and Health Impact of Covid-19 in Italy.  

In this meeting, our panelist Davide Tacchini will briefly explain how Italy affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the economic, social, and health disruption caused by the outbreaks.

Content: The COVID-19 health crisis in Europe and its most populated countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain) their health systems and combats against the Covid-19 pandemic. Our report published in French summarizes that though European countries combat the dissemination and prevention of the pandemic with all efforts, the fact indicates that states cut social and health expenditures to balance the budget in the last decade left Europe vulnerable to the battle against the epidemic. This crisis of epidemic reveals health, and the economy, in particular, could not go one without the other. Despite the high elderly population like in Italy might cause high rates of Covid cases and death, the Covid-19 outbreak shed light on the long-standing disputes on the healthcare system in many European countries. As a matter of fact, health system insufficiencies such as the number of hospitals with acute care bed occupancies may have had a vital impact on the European public.

Panelist: Davide Tacchini, Ph.D., is currently Research Fellow and Associate Coordinator of the doctoral School “Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation” at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität (Jena CenterFor Reconciliation Studies) in Jena, Germany, and Adjunct Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Parma, Italy.

Moderator: Nevzet Celik, Ph.D., President of Paris Advanced Research Center (PARC), Paris, France

Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Time: 15:00 Paris (CET)
Venue: Webinar via Zoom

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