European embargo on Russia, a boomerang impact on the European economy?

European Embargo on Russia, a Boomerang Impact on the European Economy?

It is undoubtable that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will have an astronomical impact not only for the stability of the world but specifically for European security. In fact, 24 February 2022 was the day testifying the drastic change of the world due to the military invasion launched by Russia against Ukraine, which marked a re-emergence of the international armed conflict since World War II.

The European Union was one of the main actors that has taken presently a lot of measures in order to put pressure on Russia through what we called packaged of sanctions, the objective of this article is to evaluate whether the “European embargo” would generate a catastrophic impact Russia or inversely it would cause a boomerang effect over the European organization economically. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the European embargo on Russia must be highlighted to such a degree we should determine whether the European measures have paid off or conversely if it has created a catastrophic impact on the western world amid the unprecedented rise of Oil and gas prices.

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