The Macron Doctrine in Sorbonne: Saving Europe from the Brink of Collapse

Macron revisited his Sorbonne speech after 7 years on April 26, 2024, stressing the vital link between France's and Europe's futures. He warns that Europe's fate is at risk, stressing the need for crucial decisions. Macron warned external and internal risks and mentioned that Europe will “die” without action. Macron, in various contexts, used the word "die" in French “mourir” several times in his speech. For instance, he pointed out that “ We must be clear about the fact that today, our Europe is mortal. It can die. It can die, and it all depends on our choices” (in French: “Nous devons être lucides sur le fait que notre Europe, aujourd’hui, est mortelle. Elle peut mourir. Elle peut mourir, et cela dépend uniquement de nos choix. Mais ces choix sont à faire maintenant.”)

Macron proposed a growth model involving decarbonization, trade policy changes, research, innovation, and financial shifts. Macron calls the importance of unity of Europe, particularly in security and financial matters. He emphasizes the urgency for Europe to assert itself as a leading global power, independent of the U.S. and on par with China.

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